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Kilchenmann International is your partner for Global Solutions in Media and Communication Technology. We are an international provider for Pro Audio, Visual and Collaboration Technology; we complement your IT and offer services from a single source with the highest and most consistent quality – worldwide. We manage the deployment and the operation of your systems with Swiss Quality and Swiss Precision.

Global Program Management

Represents the methodology used to successfully implement multiple, simultaneous, highly complex technology projects. Using “Best Practices” of successful Global Deployment Methodologies, we ensure an efficient, effective, practical & scalable solution to deliver any complex implementation.
Program Management relates to Project Management as Object-Oriented Programming relates to Standard Programming. It requires a different way of thinking, managing and collaboration. Global Program Management adds another layer of complexity, co-ordination and challenges involving diverse cultures, languages, technology systems, networks, time zones etc.
Kilchenmann International is your partner to deploy your global program successfully with great experience in global business in conjunction with Swiss Excellence.

Global Managed Services

Once deployed, we let you focus on what is important for your business while keeping your systems operational. Centrally managed contracting and services worldwide with unified service level objectives and a single point of contact represent our main emphasis areas. Additionally, skilled technical support (remote or onsite), monitoring solutions and preventive maintenance to maximize uptime and reliability of your systems are focal points of our scope. Kilchenmann International has the experience and expertise to understand your organization and adapt to your internal IT infrastructure to deliver a perfect user experience.

Digital Transformation

Nowadays there is no keynote, panel discussion, article, or study about how businesses can remain competitive without mentioning the Digital Transformation. Regardless of the size of the organization, the digital transformation is imperative for all of them.
Ensuring a smooth change process in the most varied of areas of your organization is our main goal. With professional experience in change management, Kilchenmann International can advise and support with all aspects of Digital Transformation. In close collaboration with your IT, we secure a seamless and problem-free digitalization of your audio-visual components.


In 2013 Kilchenmann joined the Global Presence Alliance (GPA) as Swiss business unit. GPA is a consortium of now 27 partners (Regional Business Units, RBU), each of them best in class in its country, with the goal to be the leading partner for clients to deliver professional global AV services.
In 2020 Kilchenmann International as a daughter-company of Kilchenmann was founded. With this step Kilchenmann is focusing its strength, competences, and value proposition for the favour of its clients with global footprints and partners.

Kilchenmann International / GPA global footprint

  • 50+ Countries (Globe reach)
  • 180 cities
  • $1,5B combined revenues
  • 4,800 employees - trained and qualified
  • Exceptional experience
  • Deployment consistency
  • Local perspective
  • Tier 1 with key suppliers
GPA Map - Think Global, Act Global


The goal of Kilchenmann International / GPA is simple: to mitigate those challenges for global enterprise organizations to deliver the solutions & services that allow your most valuable assets - your people - to communicate and collaborate better. We offer you our global team - with a truly global perspective, committed to operational excellence, and ready to help you navigate your next global meeting and collaboration technology deployment program.


The value proposition of a Kilchenmann International global engagement is that we remove the complexity of globally scaled enterprise delivery strategy for collaboration technologies. Not so much in the technology itself (though that is certainly a part), but rather in overcoming complexities related to the diversity of regional operations and infrastructure, logistics, and localized knowledge such as culture/intercultural communication, global alignment, languages, etc. required to work within a global program strategy. To provide a consistent global design, deployment and support experience for all stakeholders and users alike.

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Global Key Account Manager
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